"Old Splice" features the history of Brunswick Balke-Collender 4-veneer cues - Contributions and corrections are welcome.  Showcase your Titlist conversions - send pictures.
Old Splice
Brunswick Titlist and Related Cues

Featuring Brunswick 4-veneer cues and other Billiard history, look for articles, pictures and some cue sales.
L-R: Jerry Rauenzahn conversion of early 1960's Titlist (5/16x14), another JR conversion of a 1941-45 Titlist (3/8x10), Mike Stacey conversion, 1940's Titlist, 1950's original Willie Hoppe, 1941-45 Willie Hoppe Goncalo Alves, restored 1921-25 Balke-Collender Purpleheart
**Latest Updates**

5/10 - Hoppe Cues major updates

5/8 - Titlist Conversions

4/2 - "Full Splice Story" - link to Hercek site added

4/2 - 26 1/2 collection link added to "4-Veneer History" page

4/1 - added Catalog page (date list only)

3/31 - Brunswick History: Veneer changes - 1920-70

3/22 - Willie Hoppe pg

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